Waiting for My Cats to Die: A Memoir

Waiting for My Cats to Die: A Memoir

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04Stacy Horn is really a 40-year-old New Yorker, strikingly conscious of her life is actually over. In Waiting for My Cats to Die: A Morbid Memoir, Ms. Horn writes of her personal experiences, past and provides, looking for some the reassurance of the fact that jane is eventually gonna die. “We’ve all find out about how men rebel their midlife crises time and time again and over. Yeah, yeah. What do women do? This book can tell you. I’ve started to rebel in all forms of ways. My pain has to be your amusement.” Yet this book isn’t only for middle aged women. We can all on-line massage therapy schools this book about love and hope. Loss and fear. Life and death.

The initial question most readers – including myself – ask is, “Why does she want her cats to die?” There can be a severe misunderstanding here among cat-lovers around the globe. Stacy adores her cats. She lives, breathes, and works well with their expereince of living. Basically, her cats, Veets and Beams are typically she has on the planet. Once they die, then she could quit. Oddly enough, her felines are laden with medical problems. They are both diabetic, and Beams has kidney disease. Stacy goes thru extreme lengths to ensure they are alive, including insulin injections for many years both, every twelve hours. I find this sort of love for a dog very endearing, and I admire Stacy on her behalf immense dedication for them, whether or not it does seem a tad obsessive. Read the rest of this entry »