The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer (Hodder Great Reads)

The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer (Hodder Great Reads)

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10I’ve been reading plenty of books about Dahmer this also was definitely the top. Brian Masters designed a lot of research before writing it that is certainly visible in every single line. He’s also really respectfull in mentioning where he took every quote from.

SOME OTHER BOOKS I read (i’m not really mentioning wich these folks were in respect on the author) took a ‘novel’ path,wich is easy-reading, but keeps that you little suspicious in regards to the accuracy in the information.You don’t get that impression by any means with Masters’ book. A piece of advice: You should get a shorter notion of Dahmer life-line before diving in the overwhelming storm of details inside the book, the quantity of information unknown for many individuals is quite impressive! I found every one precious.[:)] Some OTHER BOOKS I read took a while disserting about subject aside from Dahmer’s life (linked with it in many degree,though,naturally),but they also spent too much effort on that,it got boring sometimes..In Brian Masters’ you might have discussion on ohter points associated with Dahmer’s life,but somehow he were choose only interesting psychological issues anf the husband talks about them only good enough not to lose the reader’s interest. Read the rest of this entry »