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Reagan: The Life

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Click on image for Read in PDF (Review purpose only)

From master storyteller and New York Times bestselling historian H. W. Brands comes the definitive biography of any visionary and transformative president.

In his magisterial new biography, H. W. Brands brilliantly establishes Ronald Reagan as the two great presidents with the twentieth century, a real peer to Franklin Roosevelt. Reagan conveys with sweep and vigor what sort of confident force of Reagan’s personality plus the unwavering nature of his beliefs enabled him to engineer a conservative revolution in American politics and play an important role in ending communism inside the Soviet Union. Reagan de-activate the chronilogical age of liberalism, Brands shows, and ushered inside age of Reagan, whose defining principles continue to be powerfully felt today.
Reagan follows young Ronald Reagan as his ambition permanently larger stages compelled him to go away behind small-town Illinois for being first a radio announcer and that quintessential public figure of recent America, your favorite shows star. Read the rest of this entry »