GOD AND I, CLOwNING: Dialogue with the Divine Within

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12In this book, I, myself, am clowning with my Self… Within each of you, I am the Self that is certainly clowning using its clones. Clowning while meeting up with God-the-Self Do you think it isn’t really possible? People think: “Talking to God while praying, that’s perfect for believers!” But talking to God, such as a simple dialogue? People say: “Nobody finds how yet!” Yet, I experienced it. This invention continues to be existing for a long time: the Spirit. That’s true; I created your Spirit for your! Nonetheless to hear Me, God, you must stop thinking. Then you can pay attention to your intuitions, clones of God. They all are derived from Me! As Intelligence with the Nature in the Universe, I chose to incarnate on the planet through Michael INUIT, born in 1947. As Universal Biographer of Life, I am experiencing who I am through Michael, yogi, artist, teacher… …It does not matter what I did, what I do, I am a clone of God: Read the rest of this entry »


Saving Grace

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11Although it might sound strange, I’m really picky about time travel. I can’t stand sci-fi icon Back to the Future, The Time Machine’s many adaptations irritate me, and The Time Traveler’s Wife is just one of my all-time favorites as a result of mastery that Audrey Niffenegger told an affection story through consistent, logical time travel. With that said, I didn’t be prepared to be wowed by Saving Grace of all sorts, but especially simply because of its depiction and management of time travel. But, as life often does, I was astonished at how much I truly loved the publication, how interesting yet straightforward the novel was, and exactly how uniquely time travel squeeze into the novel in general. On the surface, Saving Grace is really a story about good versus evil. Jake Brodie may be the chief force of a good, a sophisticated family man returned in time by an angel to his great-grandparents’ Pacifica, California, but he’s assisted by way of a series of memorable characters included a nearby Reverend Hershey, enormous-but-sweet Augie, as well as the widow Susan. The evil, though, is significantly from clear-cut: sometimes it is usually a cruel, sick cop…but sometimes it finds its form in Jake’s grandfather, racism, plus an authentic, paradoxically kind-eyed demon. Read the rest of this entry »

Women In Prison: Inside the Concrete Womb

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“A graphic, arresting account of prison as a method of life.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A real contribution to being aware of what happens to women incarcerated in your prisons today. . . . Women in Prison is a superb primer about them. The topics Watterson covers add some history of women’s prisons; that is in prison, for the purpose crimes; the prison industries that include the state and therefore are fueled by prisoners’ unpaid or miserably paid wages; the profit-making companies, organizations, and communities who enjoy the boom in prison construction as well as the ever-expanding correctional employment; the problems faced by incarcerated females and their children; the frightening whole world of women inside prison; the plight of such women when they leave prison with $25 into their pockets with out place to call home, no job and youngsters to support; the inadequate medical and psychological services ship to women in prison; and prison friendships, families and sexualities.” Review of Books — Women’s Review of Books Read the rest of this entry »

For a New Political Economy: Volume 21 (Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan) (v. 21)

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08Bernard Lonergan’s economic writings span 40 years and represent the most important intellectual achievements with the twentieth century. Unfortunately they’ve been inaccessible outside in the Lonergan research community the majority of them weren’t formally published, and exist only like a group of unfinished essays and material for courses on economics taught by Lonergan. The publication of For a New Political Economy, and its companion volume, Macroeconomic Dynamics: An Essay in Circulation Analysis (Collected Works of Bernard Lonergan, Volume 15), seeks to remedy this by joining together the various aspects of Lonergan’s economic thought.

Lonergan’s thought of economics differs radically from that surrounding contemporary economists and represent an important paradigm shift. He requires a fresh take a look at fundamental variables and breaks from centralist theory and employ, offering a uniquely democratic perspective on surplus income and non-political control. Read the rest of this entry »

Man of Vision: Audio Cassette: The Candid, Compelling Story of Bob and Lorraine Pierce, Founders of World Vision and Samaritan’s Purse

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“We are widely-used to frank biographies, especially of film stars and entertainers, but this book sets a fresh record for that evangelical world. The daughter who chronicles this heartbreaking story clearly loves–yes, adores–her father. It is usually a great literary coup.” –This text identifies an beyond print or unavailable edition with this title.

“This book can be a combination of a pleasant novel along with a believable biography—like an excerpt from the Bible character’s life. But most importantly, it’s actually a testimony. And, like all testimony that glorifies Jesus Christ, it comes with an overcoming power within it.”
— JACK W. HAYFORD, President, International Church in the Foursquare Gospel

“Marilee’s heartbreakingly beautiful, honest account with the ministry and marriage of her parents can be a definite must for Christians at all stages of pilgrimage.”
— DALE EVANS ROGERS Read the rest of this entry »

Honoring the Body: A Guide for Conversation, Learning, and Growth (Workbook/Study Guide for Honoring the Body: Meditations on a Christian Practice)

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05Editorial Reviews
From the Inside Flap
This study guide could be the companion to Stephanie Paulsell’s Honoring the Body–the exquisite, sensitive book that reveals the way you can learn how to celebrate your body’s pleasures, protect your bodys vulnerabilities, and develop the practices that could ultimately transform our troubled relationship with your bodies to just one of honor and joy. This guide can be a practical resource in case you want to explore more fully the lessons and practices outlined in Stephanie Paulsell’s insightful and instructive book, Honoring the Body: A Guide for Conversation, Learning, and Growth, and includes:
Guidelines for structuring group hunt for how to honor the entire body
Strategies to assist identify formative memories, present realities, as well as the hopes for the future
Ideas for reflecting critically about how attitudes toward one’s body can become deformed and harmful
Advice about by using this guide in groups to provide participants the ability to affirm, question, or challenge issues raised Read the rest of this entry »

Scripture Memory Songs: Verses About Being a Friend (Max Lucado’s Hermie & Friends)

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Join Stanley with the exceptional garden friends because they teach Scripture through this new CD series that may provide children with a fun learning experience. Each CD are going to be comprised of 10-15 Scripture songs (in stereo) sung by kids and taken right from Scriptures using ICB, KJV, NKJV, NAS and NCV. Each CD will come with a “missing word” version. As the song repeats, key words will likely be missing from your vocal so as to help reinforce Scripture memory. For parents who’re looking for a tool to help you kids learn God’s Word, these Scripture Memory Songs will assist kids spanning various ages learn without difficulty and fun as only Hermie & FriendsTM can! Read the rest of this entry »