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Napoleon’s Sorcerers: The Sophisians

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20During Napoleon’s rule, Freemasonic circles in France invented rituals that allegedly first happened in the temple structures of ancient Egypt. This book blogs about the cultural environment and intellectual background of merely one such pseudo-Egyptian secret society, the Sacred Order from the Sophisians. Founded in Paris in 1801, the Sophisian Order initially catered to veteran military leaders, Egyptologists, scientists, writers, and artists who had joined Napoleon’s Egyptian campaign (1798-1801). Soon the transaction branched in the market to attract new adepts on the world in the Parisian stage. This study will depend on previously unpublished archival materials amongst the Sophisians, for example the group’s so-called Golden Book for the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris.A richly illuminated manuscript envisioned by Marie-Nicolas Ponce-Camus, the scholar of Jacques-Louis David, the “Golden Book” features underground mazes, cave settings, pyramids, and temple structures as theatrical settings to re-create Ancient Egyptian initiation practices. Read the rest of this entry »


Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing: Opening to a Life of Freedom in Love

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18Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing can be a program of self-healing and transformation, setup on earth by Ascended Master Germain and John Armitage/Hari Baba Melchizedek within the mid-1990’s. What does “Shamballa” mean? What is “multi-dimensional healing”? How can it affect me? Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing: Opening to some Life of Freedom in Love answers these along with questions you might not have even shown to ask, about who we are, what exactly is disease, what on earth is mastery, and just how do I turn into master?

Included also are many teachings from Germain and John Armitage/Hari Baba, including stories of several of John’s adventures with masters, extraterrestrials, gurus, while others. John also channels Sananda/Jesus, plus a spokesperson from your Confederation of Free Worlds. Some of the Shamballa family share their experiences with while using energies of Shamballa MDH. Read the rest of this entry »

Feed My Sheep

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17A Great Preacher Writes on Great Preaching

“I happen to be impressed with a pair of things. The first is that precisely what could be said about preaching was already said, and said greater than I could say it. The second is the fact I know little or no about the subject and believe that I have failed in nearly all point to certainly be a real preacher and also a strong preacher, a smaller amount a great preacher.”

With that warning, H.M.S. Richards, the “preacher’s preacher,” continued to deliver a great series of lectures to preachers and seminarians in 1957 that, in published form, soon became a classic. Brimming with anecdotal gems from his vast expertise in evangelism and gleaned from his wide reading, Feed My Sheep has developed into a treasured manual on preaching for a few generations of pastors. The counsel seems strikingly contemporary (“The smaller the pulpit, the better”; Read the rest of this entry »

Luther’s Works Lectures on the Minor Prophets II

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16Luther’s Works: The American Edition, published by Concordia and Fortress Press between 1955 and 1986, comprises fifty-five volumes. These are a range representing approximately a third of Luther’s works inside Latin and German on the standard Weimar Edition, not including the German Bible. Among the minor prophets, Jonah and Habakkuk were obviously of special significance for Martin Luther. The special treatment accorded those two is matched only within the case of one other on the minor prophets— Zechariah (Vol.20). In addition to the usual Latin lectures, Luther added popular versions within the manner of your German commentary, carefully constructed expressly for printed publication. It is clear why Luther gave these prophets the opportunity speak to a wider audience: Jonah and Habakkuk have a very message like humankind. Of Jonah, Luther says, “[Jonah] teaches us to not despair with the fruit on the Gospel, however badly it looks devoid of fruit and prophet. … I am influenced to say that no apostle or prophet, even if it’s just Christ Himself, performed and accomplished that has a single sermon the truly amazing things Jonah did. Read the rest of this entry »

Sanctuary: A Devotional Bible for Women, New Living Translation

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14Sanctuary is often a beautiful daily devotional Bible for females with devotions by contributors for example Anne Graham Lotz, Elisabeth Elliot, Jill Briscoe, Rebecca St. James, and Teresa of Avila. It includes daily and weekend devotions on topics like prayer, worship, hymns, women inside Bible, and even more. Book introductions and highlighted verses concentrate on the theme of Sanctuary and intimacy with God. Attractive design elements include two-color interiors, ribbon marker, and gilded edges.

Well-known Christian writers for example Anne Graham Lotz, Elisabeth Elliot, Jill Briscoe, and Rebecca St. James
Daily and Weekend Devotions
“Finding Your Sanctuary” User’s Guide
Two-Color Interior Design Read the rest of this entry »

Quietly Comes the Buddha

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13This is an awesome, poetic journey on the path in the Buddha. It contains areas and victories with the soul mastering the ten perfections. I am still thoroughly enjoying it a great accompaniment to meditation, since it is so rich and vivid to use descriptions, and intensely easy to understand. There are so many levels to your poetry, that I easily get caught in the things that have been proved within one line, or one stanza. The 25th anniversary edition has some interesting mathematical formulae to meditate on likewise.

The publisher offers a wonderful cd by themselves website ([…] containing the author reading it to music. It is wonderful to be controlled by when I am driving alone, or working with a computer for very long periods. Read the rest of this entry »

GOD AND I, CLOwNING: Dialogue with the Divine Within

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12In this book, I, myself, am clowning with my Self… Within each of you, I am the Self that is certainly clowning using its clones. Clowning while meeting up with God-the-Self Do you think it isn’t really possible? People think: “Talking to God while praying, that’s perfect for believers!” But talking to God, such as a simple dialogue? People say: “Nobody finds how yet!” Yet, I experienced it. This invention continues to be existing for a long time: the Spirit. That’s true; I created your Spirit for your! Nonetheless to hear Me, God, you must stop thinking. Then you can pay attention to your intuitions, clones of God. They all are derived from Me! As Intelligence with the Nature in the Universe, I chose to incarnate on the planet through Michael INUIT, born in 1947. As Universal Biographer of Life, I am experiencing who I am through Michael, yogi, artist, teacher… …It does not matter what I did, what I do, I am a clone of God: Read the rest of this entry »