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03I remember seeing an original version of Sumo for a Powell’s bookstore and wanting it significantly. I woulda, coulda, shoulda bought but its huge size killed the sale; there were just no where that I could safely store it.
Thus, when I found this book here on Amazon it took me most of 30 seconds to choose to pull the trigger. Why the hesitation? Primarily since it is a Taschen publication and I are actually disappointed through the quality of virtually any Taschen book I have ever handled. This one, unfortunately, isn’t any different, and I believe that I shall send it back for a different and, said hopefully, better copy for this reason (One in the pages in my book has errant ink lines accruing a quarter with the page from what appears like a roller). I also have trouible with Amazon for shipping me a book that has a large tear within the custom made bag in which the ebook comes, with the way, indicating crappy quality control.
This is really a an oversized folio book, large and high and imposing like the first in miniature. Its immensity signifies that it needed space in order to carry out the photographic images justice. Read the rest of this entry »


Super Bowl XL Opus MVP Edition

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01The incredible MVP Edition of Super Bowl XL Opus—Limited to 400 copies, as both versions includes a page that is certainly personally signed by every living MVP within the history on the Super Bowl!

For four decades, countless fans have watched the best celebration with the game of football: the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XL Opus, an enormous, stunning new publication, is the final tribute to the legendary sporting event. Chronicling Super Bowls I to XL, cinematic in fashion, Super Bowl XL Opus brings readers much better the action than any publication has ever done. The images are truly breathtaking, the link is provided by some of America’s finest writers, along with the quality and sheer scale with the Opus are totally unique. At 20″ x 20″, 850 pages, and coming in at over 80 lbs, this will be the heaviest sports-related book ever published.

The Opus is restricted to a total edition of 20,000. The MVP edition is numbered 1 to 400; the Limited Edition is numbered 401 to 20,000. Every edition has a microchip encrypted with codes unique to every one Opus. This guarantees which the Opus is authentic and protects the need for your prized possession. Read the rest of this entry »