Lust & Wonder: A Memoir

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02From the Editor
I’ve been Augusten Burroughs’s editor since 1999. I’ve seen him at the outset of his career, at the outset of relationships, through movie deals and contracts, through bestsellers and breakups, and through when I didn’t determine if he would write again. When he provided me with Lust & Wonder, it came from a long period of quiet from Augusten. I didn’t know very well what to expect. I knew that a lot in his life had changed from the period I first met him within a now-closed restaurant on 23rd Street in Manhattan.

But when I browse the opening pages, I had that thrilling feeling: my good friend was back. He was back using the humor and horror and sweetness that made him so beloved. He was back together with the raw honesty and ruthless detail that made Dry in to a classic.

Lust & Wonder may be the Augusten I knew and loved but using the power and maturity which could only result from more than a half century of living. If Running with Scissors is around a boy in search of family and Dry is all about an adult seeking sobriety, Lust & Wonder is all about a man in search of what brings his heart home.

Read it and go through it.

Jennifer Enderlin.

Senior Vice President and Publisher.

St. Martin’s Paperbacks and Griffin.

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