Gay Awareness: Discovering the Heart of the Father and the Mind of Christ On Sexuality

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11Homosexuality has center stage inside our nation, churches, and homes. Everyone knows or cares deeply for somebody who experiences same-sex attraction, sexual confusion, or practices homosexuality. While the world talks about homosexuality, the topic remains taboo in numerous churches. The fear to become labeled as hateful, a bigot, or ignorant has kept many Christians out of your conversation. The church remains silent, leaving many individuals who love God unclear about what the Bible really says about sexuality.

Did God make people gay? Does God love homosexuals? Will folk have to deal with same-sex attraction their lives? Landon Schott brings truth and clarity to sexual confusion, using over 400 scripture references to disclose the heart on the Father and mind of Christ.

Gay Awareness exposes false teaching and deception which may have created a false identity with the lens of sexuality instead from the eyes of God’s Word. Gay Awareness will stretch you together with challenge you, though with relentless love create for you comfort and healing.

In Gay Awareness: Discovering the Heart from the Father and also the Mind of Christ, top-selling author and nationally known speaker Landon Schott addresses:

• What the Bible actually says about marriage, sexuality, and homosexuality.

• Mistakes the Church makes when addressing homosexuality as well as the gay community.

• Contradictions involving the gay lifestyle as well as the Christ-centered lifestyle.

• Clear comprehension of how to genuinely show Christian like to those who practice homosexuality.

• How people can experience deliverance and freedom.

Featuring a comprehensive interview with highly respected authority Dr. Michael L. Brown, a multiple book best-selling author and expert on spiritual renewal and cultural reformation, Gay Awareness may be the book you’ve been surfing for to seek out clarity, educate you what Scripture says about homosexuality and the best way to respond to those that have love, grace, and truth.

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