You Have to F*****g Eat

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23A New York Times Best Seller

One of BookRiot’s Must-Read Books from Indie Presses for 2014

One of Flavorwire’s 50 Best Independent Fiction and Poetry Books of 2014

“You Have to F***ing Eat makes parents of picky eaters smile.”
–TODAY Parents

“Adam Mansbach…will delight exhausted and exasperated parents everywhere for any second time with You Have to F**king Eat–another children’s book that is certainly most definitely not for the kids.”
–Entertainment Weekly

“An equally hilarious ode to kids at the table.”
–Huffington Post

“Parents, Adam Mansbach gets you. He understood that sometimes your son or daughter just won’t go the f**k to get to sleep. And, within his new foulmouthed bedtime book for fogeys out Wednesday, he realizes that sometimes they merely won’t f**king eat. And he knows, well, it is really f**king annoying. So how about some f**king comic relief?”

“A likeable variation on the universal f***ing theme.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“A hilarious sendup on the eternal fight between kids in addition to their parents over what you should eat and when–if in any way.”
–New York Journal of Books

“If you might be a frustrated parent which has a picky child, as well as just one who appreciates ‘deranged’ humor, especially humor that rhymes, it is a terrific read in your case…Parents will love a good chuckle and subtle reminder that all things are better, including parenthood, if tackled that has a little amount of humor.”
–San Francisco Book Review

“You Have to F**cking Eat, Sequel to Go the F**k to Sleep, Is Finally F**king Coming…It will arrive just soon enough to gift it on your brother-in-law, who, upon unwrapping it, will clutch it immediately to his chest and shake his head furiously at his waist-high daughter as she claws at him with your ex chewed up nails. ‘No, no, it’s not for you personally,’ he’ll say, laughing and crying as well.”

“An uproarious spoof of bedtime board books.”
–San Francisco Chronicle

“A 21st-century bedtime story to the ages (and many types of ages) if there ever was one.”
–Bay Area Reporter

“Parents, as soon as your precious angel rips you your three hours of sleep to demand food which he won’t have, you will need this f’ing book.”

“Forthcoming new book by genius funnyman Adam Mansbach.”

“Mansbach freely, fabulously curses your uncensored truth; Brozman ensures you’ll recognize your irresistible, equitably diverse mini-mes with those all-too-familiar expressions, from utter disdain to overwhelming trust and each and every little eyeball roll involving.”
–BookDragon/Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center

“If your kid never presented you with a few new mind-boggling preference at mealtime, I suspect you’re lying.”
–Persephone Magazine

“This book is genius. It is what all parents is thinking when their son or daughter refuses dinner.”
–Old School/New School Mom

“With this soon-to-be crude classic, Adam Mansbach has nailed it regarding his undeniable animal/child comparisons all cozily complimented by Owen Brozman’s humorous illustration–we dare happened to giggle into the eggnog.”
–Curious Mom

“Illustrations are simply as enjoyable and also the narrative again paints the right picture.”
–Roundtable Reviews

From the author on the international best seller Go the F*** to Sleep comes a long-awaited sequel regarding the other great parental frustration: getting the little angel you can eat something that even vaguely resembles an average meal. Profane, loving, and deeply cathartic, You Have to F***ing Eat breaks the code of child-rearing silence, giving parents new, old, grand- and expectant, a much-needed possibility to laugh in regards to a universal problem.

A perfect gift book such as the smash hit Go the F*** to Sleep (over 1.5 million copies sold worldwide!), You Have to F***ing Eat perfectly captures Mansbach’s trademark humor, and that is simultaneously affectionate and radically honest. You probably shouldn’t see clearly to the kids.

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