Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss

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26My across-the-street neighbor suddenly kicked the bucket, leaving a grieving widow and exquisite 6-year old son. I went along to the book store and came upon this book. There’s not lots out there on grieving for the children. Reading this book, I was gone to live in tears there in the bookstore aisle. The pictures are marvelous out of the box the story. This book tells of ‘Grandy’, who loses ‘someone close’. Especially helpful is that it doesn’t specify who the ‘someone’ is, so that it can go with any situation. Grandy and Grampy are generating tear soup. The book tells how everyone is afraid to approach someone who’s grieving, and exactly how people who think of yourself as helpful, sometimes are certainly not. It follows the stages of grief, and ways in which you have to allow yourself continuously you need. In the end, most difficult day comes, and Grandy puts the tear soup away from the freezer to taste here and there. Her grandson says, “What will I do once you die, Grandy?” And she replies, “I’ll give you my recipe for tear soup.” Gorgeous. I now keep a copy in this book available for those grieving in all of the walks of life. I’ve given it to my doctor when his daughter was suddenly killed inside an accident, and also a copy attended my cousin when her father suddenly died of an heart attack. This book can be useful in reminding most of us that the grieving process is not merely about death, but any kind of loss in our life, including a mild disappointment to your “not being borne” situation.

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