Parenting With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition)

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12From the Back Cover
“This can be as close to an owner’s manual for folks that you will find. Now, parents can embrace mistakes as wonderful learning the opportunity to raise respectful, responsible, and caring children.” –Gloria Sherman, M.A., LPC, Counselor Zemmer Jr. High, Lapeer, Michigan “Parenting with Love & Logic is a vital component for students, parents, and teachers. For the last fourteen years, countless families within our school district are already positively suffering from Love & Logic principles.” –Leonard R. Rezmierski, Ph.D., Superintendent, Northville Public Schools “Parenting with Love and Logic is really a MUST for each and every parent in America! This is the most valuable book I’ve ever read. This stuff does work! My kids make use of this stuff on me, their peers, in addition to their teachers! That’s how I know it works!” –Lorynda Sampson, Colorado Teacher of the Year, 2003 “For almost 2 decades, I are actually delighted to express the powerful, yet simple wisdom of Jim Fay and Foster Cline with my counseling clients. The principles in Parenting with Love and Logic are practical, proven techniques that keep parents on target to raising responsible, loving, confident children.” –Carol R. Cole, Ph.D., LMFT “Parenting with Love and Logic is often a terrific book for moms and dads that provide important concepts and practical methods to help children become emotionally, socially, and morally healthy.” –Terry M. Levy, Ph.D, codirector Evergreen Psychotherapy Center, Coauthor Attachment, Trauma and Healing “This book gives parents the knowhow to build a lifelong relationship determined by respect, empathy, appreciation, and love. Parenting with Love and Logic teaches kids the best way to think and problem-solve at a very young age.” –Stephanie Bryan, Clinical Social Worker and Parent Coach, “This hilariously entertaining guidebook to using the services of children contains practical and easy-to-apply principles for both the home plus the classroom.” –Larry Anderson, Parent and Educator
About the Author
FOSTER W. CLINE, M.D. can be an internationally recognized psychiatrist. He can be a consultant to mental health organizations, parents groups, and schools across North America. He specialized in utilizing difficult children.

JIM FAY has thirty-one years on experience as a possible educator ans school principal. He is acknowledged as one of America’s top educational consultants ans has won many awards inside educational field. He successfully guided his three children through their childhood and teen years using love and logic.

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