Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

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I bought this to be a last minute gift for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. I am a performer and a writer who enjoys documentation coming from all forms, and I considered that this would be a great little exercise to accomplish every once in awhile.

REALITY: Blown away
Only a fortnight in, this journal happens to be much more than “an exciting little exercise.” It is a thing that I look ahead to doing each day when I get up. It is now a part of my daily routine, and I can’t wait to respond the questions month after month. My boyfriend definitely feels exactly the same way.

Not only could it be fun, this journal is the beginning of lots of great conversations within our relationship. Even the silliest questions, (ie “What’s the softest thing that you are wearing today?”) undoubtedly are a cause for self reflection and discussion, since I be able to wear my PJs (I work at home), and my boyfriend’s softest thing are his socks (poor sucker enters into a corporate office every single day). More serious questions have resulted in conversations about race (were an interracial couple), culture, body image, etc.

I am truly getting excited about seeing how our answers change over time, and I can’t wait to determine all on the questions which can be in store for individuals for the upcoming year!

Bookmark: It has become mentioned in another review, but I really wish there is a bookmark within the journal, because it’s large. I taped some yarn on the spine, and were using that being a bookmark. It works all right, but aesthetically, a real bookmark would have been helpful.

Size: It is a small (7×5.5 inches), thick (1 “) book, which ensures you keep the answers short and concise. This is very important, because I don’t feel pressure growing a long, articulate answer when I acquire the journal. Because with the thickness, it doesn’t sit open adequately, but it like a soft, flexible spine, and that is nice.

Design: As a painter, design is significant for me, this also book sits from our coffee table on a regular basis. I love the way looks, and I love be simple but elegant layout in the pages.

For anyone who wants more sample questions in determining if this type of journal meets your needs, here are several I found while randomly flipping from the journal:
“If you can give your lover a superpower, what could it be?”
“What’s by far the most spontaneous thing took action now this week?”
“How maybe you have grown this season?”
“I’ve had quite motor ________.”
“What’s one little bit of encouragement your spouse could use today?”

This is a marvellous journal, a fantastic addition in our daily routine, along with a painless strategy to always be engaging within our relationship, figuring out new things about the other, and becoming an interesting perspective into the other’s lives. I would recommend it to everyone. I seriously cannot visualize any relationship that might not make use of it.

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