Rick Steves London 2016

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10You can trust in Rick Steves to see you whatever you really need to know when traveling in London.

With the self-guided tours on this book, you’ll explore historic Big Ben, bustling Trafalgar Square, plus the Tower of London—home in the crown jewels. Learn how to save your time and money around the Tube, and the ways to avoid the mobs on the Changing in the Guard. Investigate London’s world-class museums, where you could trace Western civilization through the Magna Carta and Shakespeare to Van Gogh and Picasso.

Venture into Soho’s theater district to get a glitzy musical or maybe a delicious Indian dinner. End an excellent day at a neighborhood pub, sharing a pint plus a chat with an agreeable local.

Rick’s candid, humorous advice will show you to good-value hotels and restaurants in delightful London neighborhoods. You’ll be able to get around by bus and within the Tube, and which sights are worth your time and cash. More than just reviews and directions, a Rick Steves guidebook can be a tour guide on your bottom line.

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