This Old Man: All in Pieces

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09Roger Angell, the acclaimed New Yorker writer and editor, returns having a selection of writings that celebrate a view from your tenth decade connected with an engaged, vibrant life.

Long famous for his range and supple prose (he’s the only writer elected to membership both in the Baseball Hall of Fame along with the American Academy of Arts and Letters), Angell won the 2015 American Society of Magazine Editors’ Best Essay award for “This Old Man,” which forms a centerpiece because of this book. This deeply personal account can be a survey on the limitations and discoveries of great age, with abundant life, poignant loss, jokes, retrieved moments, and fresh love, set down in a informal and moving fashion. A flood of readers from different generations have realized and shared this classic piece.

Angell’s fluid prose and native curiosity get him to an amiable and compelling companion within the page. The book gathers essays, letters, light verse, book reviews, Talk in the Town stories, farewells, haikus, Profiles, Christmas greetings, late thoughts for the costs of war. Whether it’s a Fourth of July in rural Maine, a beloved British author at your workplace, Derek Jeter’s departure, the last game on the 2014 World Series, an all-dog opera, editorial exchanges with John Updike, or maybe a letter to some son, what links the pieces would be the author’s perceptions and humor, his utter shortage of self-pity, with his fantastic appreciation of friends and colleagues—writers, ballplayers, editors, artists—encountered during a full and generous life.

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