The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance

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05As most people can guess because of the title, the “inner game” of tennis may be the game that can take place iin your mind of the player and is also played against barriers for instance nervousness, self-doubt, etc.

To gain clarity around the mental problems in tennis, the publication looks at the concepts of “Self 1” and “Self 2”. Self 1 will be the name that’s given to the conscious ego-mind which likes the tell Self 2, you and the potential, how you can hit the ball and play in the game. Or, to get it a different way, Self 1 would be the “teller” and Self 2 the “doer”. I found this to get an interesting idea, even as have all caught ourselves conversing with ourselves or have experienced others speaking with themselves throughout a game. If you ask a person that they are speaking with, they are going to usually say “I’m speaking with myself.” This, certainly, means that there are 2 “selves”, “I” and “myself”- therefore is born thinking about Self 1 and Self 2. Pretty astutue observation i think.

Now according to the publication, to attain peak performance, the secret is to resolve any absence of harmony between your two selves, as it may be the contrary considering Self 1 which then causes interference while using natural abilities of Self 2. This requires the training of several inner skills, for instance the art of letting go of self-judgements, letting Self 2 perform the hitting, recognizing and trusting the natural learning process, therefore on- and that is what much from the books spends discussing.

I suggest this book for anybody who plays tennis (or another sport for example) because it does a fantastic job in dealing together with the fact that quite a few difficulties in tennis really are mental in origin. Other helpful books for tennis players I’ve come across include Treat Your Own Tennis Elbow.

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