The Beekeeper’s Handbook

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02Since 1973, thousands of first-time and experienced beekeepers alike have used The Beekeeper’s Handbook because best single-volume help guide the hobby and profession of beekeeping. Featuring clear descriptions and authoritative content, this handbook provides step-by-step directions associated with more than 100 illustrations for putting together an apiary, handling bees, and dealing throughout the season to keep up a healthy colony of bees as well as a generous availability of honey. This book explains different colony care options and techniques, noting positives and negatives, making sure that beekeepers may make the best alternatives for their own hives.

This fourth edition is thoroughly redesigned, expanded, updated, and revised to add the latest home elevators Colony Collapse Disorder, green IPM methods, regional overwintering protocols, and procedures for handling bees and managing diseases and pests like African honey bees and bee mites. The book explains besides how but in addition why each step is a component of the transformative procedure that results inside magnificent introduction of honey. This essential guide is usually a beekeeper’s best resource.

Colony Collapse Disorder has renewed our recognition from the importance of small-scale beekeeping as well as the critical role of bees inside the production of our food supply. For the growing quantity of beekeepers planning to set up hives for sometimes a rewarding hobby or possibly a profitable commercial enterprise, this updated and revised essential how-to guide includes:

• step-by-step directions for many stages from establishing an apiary to harvesting honey;
• approximately 100 illustrations featuring techniques, equipment, and bee biology;
• information about how to control new pests and diseases including Colony Collapse Disorder;
• coverage of brand new trends and modifications in beekeeping including green IPM techniques and new laws for urban beekeeping;
• one of the most up-to-date bibliography and report on resources on the stock market; and
• a fresh user-friendly book design that clearly highlights instructions along with other important features.

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