Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills, 8th Edition

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With over 600,000 copies sold, Mountaineering: The Freedom from the Hills will be the acclaimed bible for climbers around the globe, plus the new edition marks the 50th anniversary with this seminal title.

Since the publication from the first edition in 1960, Freedom, as being the book is well known, has endured being a classic mountaineering text. From choosing equipment to tying a climbing knot, and from basic rappelling ways to planning an expedition, it’s all regulated here in this essential mountaineering reference. A team of a lot more than forty experts, all active climbers and climbing educators, reviewed, revised, and updated this compendium to reflect the modern evolution in mountaineering equipment and techniques. Major updates such as a significant new chapter on conditioning, plus detailed and extensive revisions to rescue and first-response, aid climbing, and waterfall and ice climbing.
If the forest are my church, then Freedom is my bible. From early 5.4 leads to over 25 years ago presenting day, it’s served me well to be a base for exploring every facet with the mountains. As a very young climber I read it cover to pay for, then dug trough it time and again for nuggets of wisdom. I still do. –Will Gadd

If there exists only one tips on how to book to see for the aspirant and expert alike, it truly is Freedom from the Hills. In fact, it’s fair to state that Freedom would be the definitive help guide to mountains and climbing and it has influenced you will discover climber. –Conrad Anker

I purchased my first copy with the Freedom with the Hills in 1976 and consumed it a couple of times, a long time before I ever set foot in the forest. Through the years, my well worn copy became by guide and reference for that art of mountaineering. I would strongly suggest this book being a must have for virtually any aspiring mountaineer’s library. –Ed Viestur

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