The Practice Manual: The Ultimate Guide for Golfers

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10This book is regarded as the comprehensive secrets and techniques for improving your Golf EVER!
A best-seller inside the USA, UK, Canada, Germany and France, and featured on The Golf Channel, “The Practice Manual – The Ultimate Guide for Golfers” is developing a wave from the golf industry and changing the best way we think about playing better golf.

With golfers around the World showing up in driving ranges rather than improving, it’s do something different — it’s time to want to do something better. Using information on the latest in motor learning research, you’ll find the key ingredients which can make the ultimate practice plan. You will also determine where you are already going wrong every one of these years, and quickly change for that better.
If you’re keen golfer who loves to practice, or if you are an aspiring Tour Pro or College player, this book is usually a necessity. For Golf Coaches around the World, this book will transform how you teach golf forever.
Ball Flight Laws
Developing Skill
SIPFATS — the true secret to improving quickly
The truth about Consistency
Differential and Variable Practice
How to ensure results with Performance Training
And far more……
A definite Game-Changer
“We wish to support the passion from golf teachers and coaches who wish to grow the experience. Adam is without a doubt one who commits to continuous learning and setting up a difference. He believes that this coaching into the future in golf should include more than technical knowledge.”
Lynn Marriott & Pia Nilsson Co-Founders VISION54

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