The Legends Club: Dean Smith, Mike Krzyzewski, Jim Valvano, and an Epic College Basketball Rivalry

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01The riveting inside story of faculty basketball’s fiercest rivalry among three coaching legends—University of North Carolina’s Dean Smith, Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, and North Carolina State’s Jim Valvano—by the king of faculty basketball writers, #1 New York Times bestseller John Feinstein

On March 18, 1980, the immensely powerful Duke basketball program announced the hiring of their new coach—the man would you resurrect the group, restore glory to Duke, and defeat the legendary Dean Smith, who coached later on at UNC Chapel Hill together turned UNC right into a powerhouse. Duke’s new man was Mike Krzyzewski. The only problem was, no-one knew who Krzyzewski was, he previously a so-so record as part of his short time as head coach of Army, and even worse, not a soul could even pronounce his name. The announcement caused head scratches . . . in any other case immediate demands his head . . . and also on this note his career at Duke began.
The table was set nine days later, when on March 27, 1980, Jim Valvano was hired by North Carolina State being their new head coach. The hiring didn’t raise as much eyebrows, however with the exuberant Valvano up to speed, two new coaches were now available to challenge Dean Smith—and by far the most sensational competitive decade of all time was about to unfold.
In the skillful hands of John Feinstein, this extraordinary rivalry—along with the men behind it—come alive in a unique, intimate way. The Legends Club is usually a sports book that captures a time in American sport and culture, documenting the within view of 10 years of absolutely incredible competition. Feinstein pulls back the curtain within the recruiting wars, the intensely personal competition that wasn’t always friendly, the enormous pressure and national stakes, as well as the battle with the very soul of faculty basketball allegiance in the hot-bed area. Getting to the roots from the NCAA goliath which is followed religiously by a lot of fans today, Feinstein uses his unprecedented entry to all three coaches to color a portrait only he could conjure. The Legends Club is destined for being one of Feinstein’s biggest bestsellers.

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