The Choice

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04In a small coastal town, Travis Parker has just about everything he could wish. He loves his job, he extends to hang with long-time friends, and hubby enjoys aquatic events, motorcycling, and travel. All in all, it’s a good life.

Everything he knows is thrown off-kilter when he meets his new neighbor, Gabby Holland, who actually is in a relationship with another man. For her part, Gabby is excited, scared, and confused because of the things she gets around Travis. She’s been focused on her golf-crazy boyfriend for a while, but Travis makes her feel new stuff. At some point, she’ll must carry out a decision.

Famous for his tackle the sensitive hero and tender love, Nicholas Sparks latest offering is THE CHOICE, during which unexpected feelings produce unexpected things. As the fun-loving guy that has a big heart, Travis is simple to like in the first place. Gabby, in contrast, is certainly a mixed bag.

On the top, Gabby appears to be kind hearted, but she finds as someone who is well upset, has doormat tendencies, and should not quite control her emotions. Travis sees her as sweet inside them for hours a great humorousness. Readers will certainly see her as lacking a spontaneity until later, as well as then it’s sketchy. Characters were made to grow in a story, and Gabby does, but her introduction causes it to be difficult to appreciate her right away, specially in regards to her relationship with family and, well, her steady boyfriend.

A tragedy during the last hundred pages on the novel almost redeems everything went before. It’s hinted at inside prologue, but Sparks elects to try out a trick for the read, leading these phones expect something not the same as what actually happens. It’d tricky to explain without creating away, besides to say it straddles a fence of cheap versus clever.

THE CHOICE is a normal read for the average day. Sparks fans may very well feel a little let down, but you can find far worse things a person could read.

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