I’m Glad About You

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21The pathos and missed connections of One Day match the hilarity of Crazy Rich Asians in this particular comedic and tender novel.

Their meeting in the parking lot outside a superior school football game was both completely forgettable and utterly life-changing. Because however you look at it, it really is piss-poor luck to fulfill the love of your lifetime before your lifetime has even started. Fierce and ambitious, Alison is set to shed her Midwestern roots and emerge an actress. Kyle, all heart and spiritual yearning, believes medicine can heal the entire world. What could these mismatched souls relate to each other? Everything certainly nothing. Even as their fates rocket them forward and apart, neither can fully forget about the past.

When Alison gets her lucky enter New York City, she winds up on the fast track to stardom plus a world considerably more different from Cincinnati than she may have ever imagined. Back home in Ohio, Kyle marries in haste and repents at leisure. Reluctantly embracing life in suburban hell, he turns into a pediatrician. While Kyle’s dreams start to molder, Alison learns which the spotlight is obviously circled by shadows. As their lives inevitably intersect, Alison and Kyle must face one another in the revealing light with their decisions. I’m Glad About You is usually a glittering study of how far the compromises a couple make will need them through the lives these people were meant to live.

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