Fire Touched: A Mercy Thompson Novel

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03The Mercy Thompson series is one of my top picks since I grabbed book 1 in the past. It is always well written, the plots varied and packed with twists. This latest incarnation isn’t any different nevertheless the plots are getting to be deeper, the interpersonal relationships have become more involved and add depth about bat roosting stories. I can tell you I read this book in day, I could not place it down.

As the synopsis indicates this book starts with a rush of action inside a battle having a troll which had been awesome nonetheless it was just to build a much more involved plot that can us places we’ve got never been before within this series and turns a few things we’ve got believed in a final couple of books have become portrayed in the bit of a different light.

We are coming soon all-out war between humans, werewolves as well as the fae so besides everything else that has got to be avoided no matter what so hold on tight, everything is going to get rough.

There is a little of tragedy that creates me kinda sad. I can’t say a lot of about the actual story as the action just about starts onpage one so anything beyond that turns into a spoiler.

Bottom Line: As always the writing, story and plot are exceptional. The characters are varied and rounded out, no cardboard cutouts within these books (it’s still hard to get caught up with so many of them). The pack bond relationships are got out more on this book and much of the disharmony we now have seen in a final few books will probably be resolved firmly. So consume a great book, I sure did 5 Stars simple and easy you will NOT be bored on any page.

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