Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol. 1 (Star Wars (Marvel))

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11This volume collects the primary six issues in the new Darth Vader solo comic series. In my opinion ‘Darth Vader’ may be the strongest with the comics that have come out until now (‘Star Wars’, ‘Princess Leia’ and ‘Kanan: The Last Padawan’ being whilst). Kieron Gillen is one in the best writers in comics today and excels when writing non-heroes (just see his amazing Kid Loki ‘Journey into Mystery’ series for proof). Salvador Larroca’s art isn’t revolutionary yet it is very good plus the colouring by Delgado brings the comic our health.

Darth Vader follows the title character following the events of ‘A New Hope’ as they attempts to obtain the truth concerning the young pilot who destroyed the Death Star, and while he tries to continue to the Emperor’s advantages. We find Vader teaming program a young rogue-ish character and also a deadly droid to supply him a rather more human/approachable side for that reader.

Of particular note is issue #6 which crosses finished with ‘Star Wars’ and it is a great check out the emotions that Vader feels. I won’t spoil everything, however the last panel is really as good an in depth to a first volume since you could wish for.

The only issue with these initial trade paperbacks is that they are often short on extras. I would have loved to determine some in the variant covers for #1 contained in the back; instead we get some boring sketches. Alas.

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