Saga, Vol. 3

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06This trade collects Saga issues #13-18. Saga can be a tightly plotted, layered adventure having a central cast of characters and yes it would be confusing to begin with here. Go back to the start.

Vaughan and Staple’s graphic, explicit epic loses no momentum in this particular third collection. We please take a small step back with time to see how all the characters got a chance to last volume’s big cliffhanger then resume it around mid-volume to carry on forward. Each from the parallel threads are interesting, well fleshed out and compelling, and it also all fits together wonderfully.

There are several big moments, twists and dangers prior to major developments for anyone. There are also lots of intriguing themes and subtexts hinting at where Vaughan’s overarching tale could possibly be headed. The fantastic part though is the fact all of that is accomplished whilst keeping the characters firmly in focus since the driving force in the comic. This story is phenomenal because doing so always around the characters, and they’re fascinating, multidimensional, making it easy for that reader of looking after about what occurs to them.

The storytelling has evened out nicely as well as the pacing and balance is perfect here. The outrageousness is now more and more incorporated into the story and much less and much less used for surprise shock value. The comic is still equipped with the same general atmosphere and it is still pushing all sorts of boundaries, it’s only all joining together a bit much better than in the earlier issues.

For me this can be a best volume yet, and Saga may be a brilliant, wild read for many who can handle the method of the subject matter.

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