One-Punch Man, Vol. 1

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07One-Punch Man volume would have been a fantastic read with lots of comedy and action during. Though Saitama would be the One Punch Man getting my way through as little as one punch or maybe consecutive ones, he is still equipped with a great partner by his side Genos nobody offers us the original nearly perfect hero type character that you will find the lead in a variety of stories. Though ONE hasnt made him this way and often makes him the main one most can relate too, Genos is fun to get around and great. He is personally the most popular and I am glad he remains a a component of this series. Saitama is an excellent lead too and one that provides many memorable panels along with his facial expressions when the unexpected happens.

Quality wise, though this series is originally posted online in a online magazine where Murata takes full benefit from throwing in color pages, the Black and White version with the moments are nevertheless articitically rendered well. He does good using great usage of perspectives, blurring the writing at times even going to focus on some details from the panels. One must also commend what sort of SFX arent just on a single plane as the written text but relocate line while using action too. The redrawers had to possess done miracles to make it looking this good while often times the text would move around in line with hose the characters flew, or perhaps at the same angle in line while using angle of whatever action is occurring in a panel. It can be a small touch but one that added a fantastic additional layer of submersion to your action.

One-Punch Man is off and away to an amazing start and Viz did well to try and do nothing to inhibit the feeling that Murata and One has aimed for. Getting it digitally is a fantastic thing is actually numerous page spreads it seems quite beautiful about the kindle hd. Its important buy.

Included bonuses is often a bonus chapter of Saitama as part of his school days age, too as two bonus illustrations, and another short two roughly page snowy hill story with Saitama.

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