Deadpool & Cable Omnibus

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02Collecting: Cable & Deadpool #1-50

Deadpool/GLI Summer Fun Spectacular

Deadpool (2012) #27 (excerpts)

For once in one place, this omnibus collects the full 2004-2008 Cable & Deadpool Series. That’s right Cable and (then) Deadpool. When this series was striking the shelves of comic stores not many years ago, Cable was obviously a huge character and Deadpool was rather minor. The series collected in this particular gorgeous omnibus changed things considerably.

Many on the conventions which make the modern Deadpool series quite popular started here. The Omnibus even collects Deadpool’s rambling and hilarious “Dear Deadpool” letters (where he makes fun of everyone from your people emailing the editors towards the guy who types Deadpool’s answers!). If you love Deadpool and extremely want to see how his character became considered one of Marvel’s most in-demand characters, this omnibus is important buy.

Cable and Deadpool were a strange couple comic. Cable was the straight man and Deadpool was insane. Together they save the globe from a cult, HYDRA, and in some cases venom-symbiote infused dinosaurs.

The book itself is a lovely example of Marvel’s Omnibuses. Sturdy sewn binding and glossy pages preserve and provide the panels better often than the old comics themselves ever could.

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