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09Much to enjoy – but in addition a few things to enable you to go “Wait… what?” – inside the eight-issue arc WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN. There’s no doubt whatsoever that Wolverine is among the most overexposed characters on the market, being previously affiliated using a boatload of teams (Weapon X, Alpha Flight, Dept. H., the X-Men, X-Force, S.H.I.E.L.D., the Avengers, and very soon probably the New Brighton Archeological Society, the Yancy Street Gang as well as the PTA). But, admittedly, you will find so very cool in regards to the guy and this vicious thing which he’s the top at doing. I don’t know that OLD MAN LOGAN is the most effective Wolverine story ever told. I certainly don’t think that it’s essentially the most relevant. But it’s certainly one of essentially the most fun and wild and memorable.

Set roughly fifty years within the future, and spoiler readers of Marvel comic books, the negative guys finally win the complete shebang. The story starts off with “Nobody knows so what happened on the night the heroes fell.” the other of the things which bug me relating to this arc is writer Mark Millar will not do give us the score on what exactly went down together with the cataclysmic fighty fight involving the Marvel heroes and villains. We don’t have the juicy details, although we learn that, finally, finally, the unhealthy guys got wise and remarked that, together, they outnumber the excellent guys by way of a ratio of enormous. Some of one of the most brilliant villain heavy hitters got together and coordinated simultaneous strikes around the Marvel heroes and virtually eradicated them on the face from the planet. Fifty years ago.

Something truly horrific happened to Wolverine, also it scarred him so that he turned pacifist. Decades later, grizzled and white-haired, he’s a struggling farmer looking to support his family, and nowadays he likes to be called Logan. He’s still tormented and for that reason committed is he not to ever popping his claws that, when he can’t make rent, he voluntarily needs a vicious beating from his landlords, who are the rat-crazy, deformed grandchildren of Bruce Banner. Yeah, Logan’s dirt poor farm is in Hulkland (what was previously California). If you thought Mr. Furley became a horrible landlord…

Desperate to rent money, Logan reluctantly leaves his family and signs on for the sprawling cross-country trek together with his old and after this blind friend Hawkeye over a mysterious courier mission. So what we have for most of those issues is hybrid of gritty buddy adventure and dystopian travelogue. Issue #66 presents us which has a map of America as currently carved up one of many supervillains. We note that essentially the most significant demesnes fall to Hulkland, the Kingdom of The Kingpin, Doom’s Lair, and The President’s Quarter – and, immediately, I started wondering who is that this President. It turns out, whoever he’s, he was the individual that masterminded the heroes’ downfall quite some years ago. It’s also interesting that this villains only cared about ruling the nice ol’ U.S.A. and didn’t give an eff about overtaking the rest from the world.

WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN collects issues #66-72 with the ongoing WOLVERINE comic strip, along with the one-shot WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN GIANT-SIZE (although not really “giant-size” with regard to length of story). Mark Millar’s post-apocalyptic vision is fueled by his usual outrageous, over-the-top make of storytelling. But there’s also this palpable a sense desolation, an elegiac tone, that surfaces as Logan and Hawkeye travel from wasteland to wasteland and witness the devastating fallout to how it happened five decades ago. Decayed structures and bones in the fallen dot the landscape. Superheroes are become extinct. Even Spider-Man’s granddaughter is wicked.

It’s weird but this story arc is both an immediate read… along with a slow read. It reads quick because Millar holds back within the dialogue and allows artist Steve McNiven to consider over the narrative, and McNiven’s art is basically exceptional here, maybe the most beneficial I’ve seen of his stuff. It’s cinematic high are many, many iconic images individuals growly Canuck. I’m guessing that his art ‘s for the horrendous scheduling delays, but after marveling for the finished product I tend to wish to give him a pass. But, as with LEGION OF THREE WORLDS, OLD MAN LOGAN reads better to be a collected trade. There’s also the pace with the story, which from time to time is leisurely. Logan and Hawkeye turn out meeting all kinds of baddies, but Logan is stubborn in the vow to keep non-violent, and so the action initially isn’t whatever we’d call blistering.

We don’t expect Logan to settle a peace-loving gent, therefore the anticipation builds to that particular inevitable time when he unleashes his inner snikt. Which he does within the last few issues – when Wolverine loses it, he really, really loses it. Millar’s slow burn approach then switches around visceral scenes of slaughter, and oh that poor eviscerated cow. Lots of gratuitous and brutal maiming and blood-letting, but a great deal fun and, frankly, it’s whatever we expect at a Wolverine story.

Two more things which bothered me. First, I wasn’t too impressed when I learned the identity from the mysterious President, mike geary not having a good deal of history with Wolverine and, so, ergo, not so much while using resonance. A more telling thing for me is I can’t quite adopt the big reveal of what actually transpired to Wolverine fifty years ago, that tragic event which made him turn clear of violence. Wolvie is the very best at what he does, but I do not believe even he’s that good.

Despite everything that, I think that OLD MAN LOGAN is slated for classic status, maybe right available online for with Millar’s “Enemy with the State” and Barry Windsor-Smith’s “Weapon X” storylines. I’m reminded from the “Days of Future Past” X-Men story, not because OLD MAN LOGAN is really as classic but as this is yet another possible future arc towards that this 616 Universe can veer. As of right this moment, OLD MAN LOGAN’s is known as an alternate timeline. Still, in case you are hankering for any peek at what becomes of the Logan, you can even examine out Millar’s recent are powered by FANTASTIC FOUR, paying particular focus on the Nu-Earth/New Defenders/Death in the Invisible Woman arc (Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest, Vol. 1), plus the Fantastic Force TPB (Fantastic Four) mini-series. Irregardless, I’m betting we have not seen the last of OLD MAN LOGAN’s world. And that’s the best thing.

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