The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia

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04This book is actually too awesome to put into words. I’ve always been a fan with the Legend of Zelda. It is not only the most popular video game series, but arguably the best series in game playing, period. When this book released in Japan for Zelda’s 25-year anniversary, many hoped it might get translated and are available to the States. Thankfully, our wish continues to be granted. This book is all about as high-quality since they come. The opening letter from Shigeru Miyamoto sets an awesome, celebratory tone through out the book. I can’t make a better opening.

The first third of the novel, entitled “The Legend Begins: The World of Skyward Sword” is specialized in said title, by far the most recently released Zelda game all of us played and loved. It’s filled on the brim together with the concept and official art that inspired Skyward’s Sword brilliant aesthetic style. As one who views Skyward Sword as one in the most beautiful and brilliantly inspired game titles ever made with regard to its art design and visuals, case fine by himself. There’s tons here, including a large amount of really interesting ideas for characters that didn’t ensure it is into the overall game, as being a floating Fi within a massive suit of armor or Zelda designs which might be decidedly more elegant and fancy. Really cool. There’s also a good amount of location art that may be simply gorgeous and extremely captures your imagination, just as the settings amongst players did. Throughout this complete section are notes from your Zelda team, giving nice insight in the design process from the game. It’s a great start towards the book, and roughly 60 pages long.

The next section, “The History of Hyrule: A Chronology,” may perhaps be what most Zelda fans are most excited for. It starts off with a chart chronicling the different timelines so when each and every Zelda entry develops in the chronology. Needless to say, the correct answer is interesting and a lot of it will probably be very unexpected to a lot of fans on the market who, had been, had only their very own musings and theories to create sense of all this. What is better yet about this section may be the following 70 roughly pages that really chronicles, in great detail, the events of every timeline in chronological order. These different timeline sections provide a great deal of details about the events of every game of their respective timeline, which enable it to be viewed as a possible encyclopedia of Hyrule. It’s hard will describe it without resorting to spoilers so I’ll just say this: the state run Zelda timeline is complex, with major splits and events conducive to multiple timelines. Despite how easy it could be due to this to be confusing, it can be presented in the way which is simple and intuitive to study through, and boy could it be riveting! It really is like you’re reading a tome of legends. Sprinkled liberally through this all are nice screenshots and art, together with fascinating tidbits, like boxes that fully decipher the different Hylian/Hyrulean dialect text that appear from the games. How awesome is the fact that?!

After this can be “Creative Footprints: Documenting 25 Years of Artwork,” which matches for about 100 pages. This essentially amounts to old concept art the went into virtually every single Zelda game ever produced. It’s all amazing. Newer games acquire more page space, obviously. Twilight Princess has about 32 pages, The Wind Waker (cannot wait for a Wii-U remake!) has 10, Ocarina of Time gets 6, and the like. You may think that some on the games deserve more space, such as A Link for the Past (1 & 1/2 pages!), and you’re simply right, however the pages are pretty huge, and it is understandable how the newer games convey more art stored versus the old ones. Personally, I love this very much. The layouts are wonderful, as well as the pages are huge, so remember that when I say a wide range of art emerged its spotlight. This section closes which has a very nice letter from Eiji Aonuma, arguably the 2nd most important man behind the Legend of Zelda, after Shigeru Miyamoto certainly. A great way to close the novel.

Ah, but the publication isn’t over quite yet. The book ends in spectacular fashion, by having an all-new manga by Akira Himekawa, the genius duo which make many fantastic Legend of Zelda manga already. Anyone knowledgeable about their past work won’t be disappointed here. I won’t spoil anything concerning this for you, but I will say it becomes an all new legend, having a new, original Link, that essentially spells what happened on top with Hylia throughout the original war with Demise, an account that would eventually lead towards the events in Skyward Sword 1000’s of years later. I love that farther back than Skyward Sword’s seeming origin story, bankruptcy lawyer las vegas more legends to see in this universe.

So that is the content of it. It’s all fantastic. The presentation and quality of the ebook itself is just top-notch. The lay-outs are nice, the printing quality is vibrantly beautiful and sharp being a tack, as well as the pages are crisp and clean. The binding is usually high quality, and that is important because this can be a big book that could fall apart relatively quickly whether or not this wasn’t bound well. And how about this gorgeous cover? I love which they decided to generate the Gate of Time from Skyward Sword the art for the cover. Its dazzling gold sparkle contrasts nicely using the forest green. It declares loudly and proudly to everyone who view it that that is a sacred historia of true legends, and you’ll be proud to come up with it prominently. Great stuff!

I know this review is really a little lengthy and packed with praise, but man, if a encyclopedia/art book/celebratory tome deserved it, it’s this. As I said earlier, I love the Legend of Zelda. It is certainly my favorite series in gaming, a spare time activity I consider my personal favorite pastime. There are few games that capture the a sense beauty, imagination, and adventure much like the Legend of Zelda effortlessly does with every single release. This book really honors the series’ legacy. If you’re a huge Zelda fan like I am, or else you have one out of your life, getting this book is undoubtedly an absolute must-buy-immediately. Buy it, get lost in this particular lovely Zelda celebration, and become inspired from the legends within.

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