The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls

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05I got this book for my 8-year-old for Christmas. Sensitive issues about body changes have become a hot topic around here as starting to deal with pre-puberty. Because the girl with such a huge bookworm I thought this may be a great setting out point to be with her to learn about body changes. I think this is one subject in places you really have to consider your own child’s personality and select how to approach these sensitive topics. With that being said I asked her to study the book by herself time and you have to could speak about any questions she has, leaving the ball in their court and leaving the entranceway to conversation WIDE open.

The book has definitely given her the courage to speak about something she was very unsure about. She understands her body now and is also actually enthusiastic about the changes happening (I was NOT during a vacation BUT nobody gave me a book this way or spoken with me about anything!). I think the publication has given her courage ought to questions and also given her vocabulary regarding the issues she otherwise wasn’t sure tips on how to articulate, in the event that makes sense. I think it also made her mindful of other changes she was not even privy to. No matter how you choosed to use this book or some other material it truly is imperative that you not embarrass or belittle your little one. It is also essential to are there for the kids and respond to questions appropriately and honestly. If I ever believe that something is inappropriate to discuss then I honestly say to them, “This isn’t a thing that is appropriate at the moment but we will speak about it soon!” And then don’t return on your promise.

Some pretty funny “kids the darndest things” moments also have happened because of the novel. She is aware that these are private topics that work so she’s very comfortable saying what to us which may make others blush or stutter. I won’t enter into that here but I’m chuckling right this moment as I type this, thinking about the things she’s said!

Finally I want to mention we’re an excellent conservative Christian family. I found nothing in this particular book that I felt was perverse or misguided or inappropriate. It is merely an anatomical book about changes that happen at the beginning of puberty. God created these wonderful bodies of ours and important to understand the alterations *before* they happen. If there’s in ANY book we don’t exactly agree with you have to use it to be a teaching moment and explain that a lot of people think coping with emotions or friends “this way” is okay but this is why our family chooses to acheive it. If I am made mindful of a serious condition in a book or one that is certainly most definitely not Godly you have to discard it but this book was well written and we’re pleased in the actual way it has helped build our daughter’s confidence in a uncertain and often scary period in a young girl’s life! We will be receiving the version for older girls when she’s just a little older.

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