The Walking Dead: Compendium Two

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17I had never been aware of The Walking Dead prior to the TV show started. After watching the other season, I decided I had to learn the comics. I obtained the first compendium and couldn’t place it down. As soon as I saw that the next was was designed for pre order, I immediately needed it.

For the ones that aren’t familiar, it is a collection of issues 49-96 on the comic book series. It is the 2nd compendium. The first one contains the original 48 issues within it.

This compendium can be just as well written as the 1st and does not disappoint. I love the story plot that has been created in this book. It is now 1 year since the zombie outbreak occurred. Rick with his fantastic friends just run out in the prison where they’d finally did start to make a new life. Rick and Carl are actually split from what remains in their group. This volume follows them for their journey to seek out their friends and attempt to get something that looks like a normal life again. Along the way, they are going to reconnect with many familiar faces and also meet newer and more effective people. Towards the middle from the book, they look for a place they believe could actually offer them a standard life. As the storyplot closes, they discover the world will not be as lost since they thought.

For anybody that has watched The Walking Dead on TV, I would endorse this compendium. It is not the same as being the show, but I think the storyline here is better. I also prefer some from the characters when they are portrayed within the book in comparison to how they are done from the show.

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