The Walking Dead: Compendium One

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10When I heard that AMC would definitely produce a television series using the zombie epic “The Walking Dead,” I was both concerned and delighted. A true classic in undead lore, “The Walking Dead” graphic novels are brutal and surprising–not really what I would picture for just a basic cable TV show (the very first season is slated for 6 episodes, we’ll determine if it goes beyond that). But AMC has produced terrific and prestigious shows like “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad,” so I’m pretty stoked to determine what they do using this. Add Frank Darabont of “Shawshank Redemption” fame because creative force behind the show, and now we just might have a very winner! In anticipation, I’ve gone back from the volumes of “The Walking Dead” to find out again a variety of pleasures until this series can give. The Compendium Collects the initial Eight Chapters listed below–a great value but a MASSIVE book!

Note: While the following synopsis won’t necessarily reveal major plot developments, it can chart the narrative continuing development of the story. If that is not an issue that interests you, donrrrt continue.

“Chapter One: Days Gone By” will be the jumping off point–and, in fact, sets things up within a fairly typical way. After being involved within a shoot-out, cop Rick awakes from your coma isolated, however, not alone, in a very local hospital. Apparently, within the time he was out, something has shifted within the world now the dead walk. The chapter introduces Rick and several other principles because he tries to evaluate what is happening while he crosses hawaii to locate his family. On the outskirts of Atlanta, Rick is reunited along with his wife Lori, son Carl, and police partner Shane using a group of other survivors. At this stage, hope remains alive and individuals are just waiting being rescued and order restored. While the set-up has become quite familiar, the chapter highlight involves an exceptionally real human betrayal that redefines the mindset of the involved. A lot of characters are brought to set the cornerstone for the rest of the story plot. Good, through an emotionally charged finale, it is a worthy introduction that gets our band of survivors on the highway.

“Chapter Two: Miles Behind Us” registers with Rick, Lori, Carl and also the entourage trying to find refuge. Having abandoned immediate rescue–the group now just pursues safety. This section is noticably for the introduction of Tyreese, an all natural leader who forges a robust alliance with Rick. The group stills thinks that they’ll wait the zombie problem whether they can just find somewhere isolated and secure. A gated community seems just perfect plus the group is thrilled with the prospect of some normalcy. But all isn’t as it seems, and “The Walking Dead” establishes that we’re not safe. Chapter Two destroys what little innocence is left within our band while they face their first real losses to be a new unit. It is well plotted, well orchestrated and genuinely harrowing because the group arrived at understand that safety factors are an illusion. While Chapter One was a good plot set-up, that one really sets a bad of danger. Excellent.

“Chapter Three: Safety Behind Bars” finds our ragtag band of survivors getting into a new safe home. This one has real promise–it’s a properly secured prison. While Chapter Two has forced us to confront the fact that nobody is safe, new hope springs alive. Still wary from other encounter on Herschel’s farm, the group extends an olive branch on the family to share with you the safety with their new digs. So a residential district starts to form again as well as the group starts to grow using the newcomers along with four inmates that have been alive within the prison. Building a safe structure takes the key focus with this chapter but the many new folks are still cautious with trusting the other person. Jockeying for dominance and leadership, this bloody good chapter causes us to be confront that this zombies aren’t the sole dangers inherent inside the new world. With murder, suicide, and betrayal–its beginning get harder to ascertain the good guys through the bad. And in true cliff hanger fashion, the safety may be slipping off their grasp–or actually, it might be ripped away!

“Chapter Four: The Heart’s Desire” wraps in the prison cliff hanger through the previous chapter. Among other things, Rick takes another controversial key to defend his tribe. Is he losing his humanity or doing whatever is critical to survive? As a whole new character is introduced, the enigmatic warrior Michonne, things begin to unravel for Tyreese. Still haunted by his daughters death and what he did in their aftermath, his relationship with Michonne threatens those he’s already a part of. The series retains its heart while using continuation in the love affair between Glenn and Maggie including a racy nude scene. But the destruction of Rick and Tyreese’s friendship packs a tremendous wallop. Easily one with the more dramatic chapters, the series hits a record high with Rick’s “We would be the Walking Dead” speech–an absolutely unforgettable moment of raw emotion.

“Chapter Five: The Best Defense” takes things within a new direction. Tracking a downed helicopter, Rick, Glenn and Michonne leave to look for survivors. What they discover instead is the one other encampment–a whole town fenced off and self reliant! Perhaps less involving from the initial trek, the chapter sees with the introduction with the town’s “Governor.” When our traveling trio see that their new friend most likely are not an ally, it’s already far too late. Most notable due to the extreme violence and brutality, both Rick and Glenn suffer severely in the hands with this new madman. Most in the material back for the prison is actually comparatively uninvolving causeing the a weaker entry inside series. But the danger that Rick in Michonne finish up in has very real consequences that set up a different storyline to the future. Essential, but somewhat unpleasant.

“Chapter Six: This Sorrowful Life” sees with Rick, Glenn and Michonne held captive as being the ruthless “Governor” efforts to extract the location of these camp. Finding unexpected allies from the doctor, his young assistant, as well as a perimeter guard Martinez–a plot to escape continues to be hatched. The escape is exciting, even so the real action comes when Michonne seeks retribution up against the “Governor.” In easily the series most disturbing sequences, let’s just say Michonne means business! “The Walking Dead” has continually blurred the lines between “good” and “bad” and amped within the moral question of the items makes a hero–and with this installment we have seen one of our protagonists exact horrifying vengeance! Returning to your prison, the camp is overrun and our heroes must again face a zombie hoard. But within the midst in this, an exceptionally human betrayal is discovered and Rick is again faced while using choice of murder. An action packed volume!

“Chapter Seven: The Calm Before” is usually a relatively peaceful edition of “The Walking Dead” since the name might imply. A small band rounding up supplies faces down more on the “Governor’s” men. Then the group, careful of being discovered by their newfound enemy, begins to become complacent when no sign is of attack comes within the next month or so. We see normalcy learn to return as Rick and Lori confront unpleasant aspects with their relationship, Lori gives birth, Maggie and Glenn think about family, Michonne sets out to thaw, the newest “doctor” gets comfortable. But in this peace, one with the crew finally goes in the deep end with unpleasant consequences. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sorrowful–this edition arranges real hope and is particularly really great in furthering the development aspects of the tale. This makes it an unexpectedly strong entry from the series! But all is shot with one heck of cliff hanger!

“Chapter Eight: Made To Suffer” reintroduces the “Governor” and what happened from the aftermath of Michonne’s visit. The rest with the volume is a brand out assault because the “Governor” with the exceptional crew make an effort to break into the prison. With some from the protagonists considering departure, it leaves a much smaller band to deal while using onslaught. Non-stop action fuels this story and then there are severe casualties. In a brilliant and bold move, all expectations are thwarted from the bloody confrontation. “The Walking Dead,” that has already established itself for an epic in zombie literature, bravely pushes for the next level! Riveting, heartbreaking, and incredibly surprising–nothing are ever going to be the same then battle! My favorite so far–if only due to its audacity and “take no prisoners” approach!

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