It’s Hello from Him (Transaction Large Print Books)

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Norman Stanley Fletcher, Arkwright, Lord Rustless, Piggy Malone – to find the best part of 20 years up to 19 million viewers per week have been taking these characters with their hearts with affection and delight. But the man behind these much-loved creations has hitherto remained an exclusive figure. Now retired from showbusiness, Ronnie Barker is getting ready to share in reference to his public the storyplot of a career spent entertaining a nation. This book tells of the Oxford bank clerk who graduated from local amateur dramatics, with the rigours of weekly rep, including a disastrous tour bringing mime with an unready Wales, to being employed by Peter Hall in many different West End plays, that they enjoyed, as well as Peter Brook, that he enjoyed less, in the long run “Irma la Douce”. He explains how his working relationship with Ronnie Corbett produced one among show business’s most successful partnerships for 17 years, and describes his take pleasure in family life in reference to his wife Loy and three children, a similarly important aspect of any fascinating and wittily recounted life.

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