The World Food Problem: Tackling the Causes of Undernutrition in the Third World

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This second edition of “The World Food Problem” incorporates an up-to-date description in the state of world food supply and demand, along with an assessment of prospects for future years. Recognizing that huge numbers of people in the less-developed countries carry on and go hungry, to find out more than enough food within the world to give them, the authors tackle the question of why – and what you can do about it. Added popular features of this edition will include a section on food and also the environment, attorney at law of prospects for continued development in agricultural productivity, and reports of the latest research conducted by international organizations (eg. the World Bank and FAO), NGOs including the World Watch Institute, and individual scholars and practitioners. Integrating knowledge from many disciplines (agronomy, economics, nutrition, anthropology, demography, geography, health science and public policy analysis), this highly readable and comprehensive text supplies a combination of information and explanation designed specifically to be used within the undergraduate classroom.

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