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04In this book, “Nessmuk” (a pseudonym for George W. Sears) supplies a moderately entertaining read. He writes during, and was an energetic participant in, the “back to nature movement” through the Victorian period. He writes around the glory and romance of camping, woodcraft, woods travel, and flyfishing using minimalist methods. The info on reflector fire-building, hatchets, fishing with worms/grubs is great, basic lore that everybody needs to learn; however, the publication lacks detail on a great many other basic elements of woodcraft and Northwoods style camping and outdoor survival, especially collecting and storing food and winter living. If the reader follows the author’s recommendations after a lengthy outing inside the Northwoods or boreal forest, they’d likely enter major trouble. More info is essential than presented here by Nessmuk if a person plans their unique 10-day adventure crossing an enormous stretch of woods. In summary, yes, it is just a quaint and entertaining read, however, if you want less romanticizing/glorification and much more detail, look at “Camp and Trail Methods” by E. Kreps and “Northern Bushcraft” by Mors Kochanski. (Note: This review authored by a primitive survival expert and former fur trapper. I gave this book 2 stars to produce a point regarding safety. Many a person has died or nearly died from the outdoors through using the strategies to romantics/mystics as opposed to seeking knowledge from and following your ways of realists — the practitioners. Although Nessmuk teaches solid methods, he leaves way too many important things unsaid for college kids of the outdoors. If you simply want to be entertained, then buy the ebook.

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