Understanding Your RV’s “APPLIANCES”: Refrigerator, Furnace, Water Heater, and Rooftop Air Conditioner — A PRIMER —

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12Formerly Titled: “LIVING” with RV Appliances Welcome to an educational and entertaining encounter using your RV’s “unique” appliances. This booklet is explicitly created to get all RVers thinking in a very DIFFERENT direction. Written for: . . . Those who are “NEW” to your RVing experience, . . . Those who have been “CAMPING” for decades, and . . . Those who are “FULL-TIMING”. The information within will clearly demonstrate that the RV appliance is NOT a house appliance, and provides everyone the backdrop to understand why some “things” inside an RV just are not appearing to function the way in which one might expect these phones. It endeavors to find out a good working understanding of each RV unique appliance and enable every reader to get started on thinking with regard to “normal sequence of operation,” and, thereby, stay away from the exasperating, “I DON’T KNOW. . . IT JUST QUIT!!!” Lots of tricks and tips on how to help your RV appliances work more proficiently are also included. (Especially the real answer on the FIN ICE problem!) Based on a lot of experience in the company of repairing RVs and educating the RV owners. The ladies are particularly encouraged to read everything between this booklet’s covers. Then they will understand the best way their RV unique appliances work well and enjoy “living” together. http://www.sumdalus.com

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