The Ultimate Runner’s Journal: Your Daily Training Partner & Log

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05The Ultimate Runner’s Journal is definitely the best log book in the marketplace. I’ve tried many logs, and none compare to offering the amount of space accessible to write about my runs each day. That’s why I’m very confused through the previous review–the writer states he wants lots of room to create. That’s exactly what The Ultimate Runner’s Journal provides, so his criticism is puzzling to put it mildly. If you never like pictures (and I have no idea of too many people who don’t like pictures…), then it’s very easy to skip them since they will be on their own pages. Maybe what he really needs is often a lined college notebook!
The Journal is geared toward all numbers of runners–the pace charts range from 5 minutes per mile to 15 minutes per mile. Even brisk walkers would use the pace charts! I also love the quote that starts each week for the right foot. They are well-chosen to produce inspiration 1 week, an excellent laugh another, and give contemplation one more week. I thought the articles were excellent at the same time, especially the training article by Jack Daniels that may be based on his book, Daniels’ Running Formula. He notifys you exactly how to teach from middle distance on the marathon. Very useful. In sum, The Ultimate Runner’s Journal easily rates as the most effective log book currently available for runners of each ability–whether you like to publish a lot or possibly a little, read some or you cannot at all, and gaze at great pictures, or thumb past them. With this book you might have that flexibility, while with other sites, you never. The Ultimate Runner’s Journal is simply THE BEST!.

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