The Great Warbow: From Hastings to the Mary Rose

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01This is one of several definitive resources within the medieval archer. It covers the application of crossbows and longbows from the moment of The Battle of Hastings from the Wars on the Roses. Another crucial text around the subject is Jim Bradbury’s The Medieval Archer (1996).

The Great Warbow is surely an oversize book set with color illustrations. It is comprehensive through the standpoint which it gives detailed descriptions of how both types of bows were utilized in battles over over 500 years.

So much is written about the longbow from the Hundred Years War the book doesn’t actually break lots of new ground on that matter. But it could be hard to do so.

The material on bows used from the Battle of Hastings is extremely good. So is the pad on Richard the Lionheart’s using crossbows inside Crusades. The book’s coverage within the use of bows inside the continual fighting relating to the English plus the Scottish is outstanding.

The authors also tackle the difficult subject when you attempt to relate that this longbow was utilized by Yorkists and Lancastrians inside Wars with the Roses where, generally in most actions, both sides using bows cancelled the other out; that’s, there was clearly no clear benifit of one side or even the other. The exception to this particular is the Battle of Towton on March 29, 1461. They also cover the functional bow action the day before within the Battle of Ferrybridge.

With nearly 100 pages of explanatory notes to lock down their facts and assertions, this is a major scholarly work. If you are enthusiastic about how these bows were utilized in battles in the late Middle Ages and approximately the warriors that used them, it is a must-have book.

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