Sports Science Projects: The Physics of Balls in Motion (Science Fair Success)

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13From School Library Journal
Grade 6-10-This well-organized, clearly written series title are certain to get readers planning on why a baseball has stitches, why a tennis ball has fuzz, and the way a Ping-Pong ball will vary if its center is filled. Exciting experiments demonstrate the differences one of several types of balls utilized in sports and also the relationship between design and gratification. Many of the experiments are as well as excellent ideas for science-fair projects. Black-and-white diagrams and drawings illustrate the concepts discussed. This valuable, practical resource encourages exploration and experimentation.
Paul Bielich, Northwestern High School, Detroit, MI
Copyright 2000 Reed Business Information, Inc. –This text is the term for an from print or unavailable edition in this title.

From Booklist
Goodstein provides nearly 40 projects involving sports balls that report the principles of physics. She describes the composition of each one ball (baseball, basketball, football, golf, rubber, and tennis), its rebound rating, the results of temperature on its bounce, and many other properties. She also explains the Magnus effect and also the Bernoulli principle. Most experiments are really easy to perform and make use of readily available equipment. Appropriate cautions are noted when demonstrations require drilling, sawing, or fire. The most appealing areas of the book would be the explanations of how physical principles affect sporting techniques–for example, the reason behind the dimples over a golf ball. This book inside the Science Fair Success series should find bavarian motor works logo among sports enthusiasts and reluctant science fair participants. A bibliography and also a list of Web sites are appended. Kay Weisman –This text means an away from print or unavailable edition with this title.

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