Slide Or Die (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (Driftx)

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16Action packed drifting book

This Action-packed book Drift X Slide or Die 17-year-old Kennin is totally new to the Las Vegas Area for being closer to his father, who’s going to be in prison for a few phony internet scam.

The whole story unravels when Kennin opted for his friend Tito era of 17, also Tito’s cousin Roul who’s going to be around the day of 22 and recently released from prison, and Tito’s sister Angelita ages of 18to a drift race from the Vegas mountains . Roul stole a Gto and wished to drift about the mountain path for funds.

But when the got to your top in the mountain and were exploring the engines in the cars that where going to about the mountain path in pairs within a Tsuiso Battle or Drift Race. Then they heard the cry of Police Sirens springing up the back side on the mountain. Everybody was scrambling Angelita, Kennin, and Tito where arguing who was gonna drive and hide the stolen Gto. They where also upset that because Roul was passed out drunk.

Finally, Kennin got in towards the Driver seat flying about the curvy Mountain. Side by side next to your best drifter in Vegas, then passing the auto marked Slide or Die over a wide turn. Kennin then turned from the main road and cut the lights, waiting to find out if the police will fallow him.

Over pretty much everything is a great book for 13 to 16 year olds. I personally liked this book because I like drifting. This book includes a great plot that is action packed. I would Recommend this book if you appreciate an action packed narrative that leaves you wanting more.

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