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17The wilderness expert shares his life story, recounting how he developed his bushcraft skills and his awesome philosophy with the outdoors, together with sharing personal stories

Ray Mears tells of his childhood as well as the formative years when he first created a passion for both bushcraft along with the martial arts skills which might be central to his life. Having traveled the globe several times over, he or she is no stranger to risk and possesses had a lot more than his justifiable share of dangerous and life-threatening encounters. But his every day life is so much a lot more than a tale of derring-do. Shortly after he returned to England having narrowly survived a significant helicopter crash, his father died. Just a year later, he previously had to face the death of his first wife Rachel. The book conveys a variety of sides of Ray Mears, taking us around the present day, such as previously untold story of his involvement inside man-hunt for murderer Raoul Moat. This memoir gives all readers an opportunity to share an existence story as rich so when inspirational being a walk in woods using the man himself, Ray Mears.

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