Lonely Planet Vietnam (Lonely Planet Travel Guides French Edition)

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03I have ended up on my third holiday to Vietnam. This time I visited Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi and did some excursions around both cities like Gu Chi tunnels plus the Perfume Pagoda, near Hanoi.
On the trip my companion and I accustomed to LP guide mainly as being a source of planning ( lodging, ways to get there, best places to eat) etc. The value of the guide for carrying this out is excellent. People critisizing ought not forget that generally they pay a lot in flight cost as well as other things to arrived at the country and than expect a complete comprehensive take a look at the $ 15 investment.
Vietnam, certainly, can be a country with numerous history, not in the slightest degree of recent times also to really enjoy your trips you will need to read a couple books about the subject. The LP guide will not be meant for that.
For available the guide is great. Information is accurate and pretty comprehensive ( obviously, the continent changes rapidly one must not forget. The navigating around sections are wonderful, even though it should be emphasized that it isn’t as easy as it seems to travel all on your own. If I have one critizism it’s that I think that perhaps they will extend your food recommendations. There are many, many excellent restaurants plus in those recommended the thing is, virtually literary, everyone else sitting reading their LP’s.

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