Illegal Dating: A Journey into the Private life of Iran

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04Illegal Dating, A Journey Into The Private Life of Iran, congratulations Mr. Tahir, I loved this title plus your book, an appealing story of an amazing journey into an appealing country of Iran. You involved with you to my homeland and brought back with ourselves. Although I haven’t visited Iran since last decade, but by reading this article book and story of your respective journey I refreshed my head my spirit, particularly the story of Friday night parties were amazing.
Although subject in this book sounded like this you will talk just sexual relationship nevertheless it was not that way, as an illustration you mentioned all type of relationships, relationship of the younger generation with politics, freedom of press, speech, religion, and also cultural boundaries. But I liked your thing, however something I couldn’t understand is, derived from one of aspect we all know that Iranian the younger generation, -who you described constitute almost 70 percent of total population- hates the Islamic regime, but using hand they sounded like they cannot like western models either, I wanted to listen for more about this subject, in particular the opinion of people who are passionate of supporting current regime.
The nuclear issue became an interesting argument, the perspective of Iranian young adults amazed me, from hand I supported their idea to square behind regime against western pressure, because I do not like if some one should dictate us where to start, but from hand I am sorry that Iranian regime uses this emotional feelings and patriotism of an individual to strengthen itself, that is bad. Any way thanks for touching this matter.
The other point which I would choose to touch would be the culture of temporary marriage in Iran. And I desire to thank you, your approach was balanced on this problem, because up to now whatever I have learn about this subject -written by western writers- are only ridicules, since they paints this concern like it is just a general phenomena from the country- or even in other words most people are in this business. Therefore this western generalization caused a great deal of misperception among international community about our culture, actually Iran has centuries old history which we have been proud of.
Why not we should be satisfied with, take a look at example, how you will have been received by those whom you knew only by cyber chat, they received you, they hosted you, they spared their wedding ceremony for you, can anybody expect a very hospitality in west?
I wished I could go along with you, on your own had different solutions to all objects and events, which people from Iran, including myself, could take as an ordinary, such as the type of engagement, the wedding ceremony culture, joint family system. I missed every one of them and appreciate it very much for penning this book, and thanks a lot very much to take the mission for open up the Iranian society with to make sure real values, which besides refreshed my brain but additionally helped me to evaluate things differently. And I hope it will also help those, to know nothing or little about Iran, I confidently say, that book can tell you that Iran will not be about only black turbaned Mullahs or women hidden behind black chador, but it really’s a country and also a nation with rich and colorful history, you need to go and taste it.

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