GOD AND I, CLOwNING: Dialogue with the Divine Within

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12In this book, I, myself, am clowning with my Self… Within each of you, I am the Self that is certainly clowning using its clones. Clowning while meeting up with God-the-Self Do you think it isn’t really possible? People think: “Talking to God while praying, that’s perfect for believers!” But talking to God, such as a simple dialogue? People say: “Nobody finds how yet!” Yet, I experienced it. This invention continues to be existing for a long time: the Spirit. That’s true; I created your Spirit for your! Nonetheless to hear Me, God, you must stop thinking. Then you can pay attention to your intuitions, clones of God. They all are derived from Me! As Intelligence with the Nature in the Universe, I chose to incarnate on the planet through Michael INUIT, born in 1947. As Universal Biographer of Life, I am experiencing who I am through Michael, yogi, artist, teacher… …It does not matter what I did, what I do, I am a clone of God: The Intelligence with the Nature in the Universe Incarnated Terrestrially. I am INUIT. We all are Inuits.

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