The Sacred Ifa Oracle

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Epega’s English translations on the 256 texts within the oral tradition of Ifa, in addition to Neimark’s brief commentaries, certainly are a glimpse in to a deeply rooted African tradition that exercises considerable contemporary spiritual influence worldwide. Needless to say, they can be only a glimpse. As Neimark shows, the entire process of divination that also includes client, babalawo, and oracle is really a living process where participants go through the living presence on the divine. That is greater than a written text can communicate, and reading the writing apart from the experience is comparable to reading the Book of Common Prayer from cover to hide without the rich sensory experience with participating in a celebration on the Eucharist–useful, little doubt, but hardly exhaustive. Neimark’s preface establishes the context beautifully, and also the introduction gives some clues about the mathematically and socially complex system which the texts translated here certainly are a part. The interplay of chance and necessity enacted from the divination process is often a fascinating window on the Yoruba world which is full of insights in the “organic” character of both some time to space. The book will invite readers acquainted with other religious and philosophical speculations on that interplay to educate yourself regarding familiar territory in new ways. Steve Schroeder
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Here eventually! The first complete English-language translation from the sacred African teachings of Ifa.
Discover solutions to life’s questions with all the Ifa Oracle — early African divination tool as well as the spiritual foundation for Candoble, Santeria and Vodun. Compared by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., towards the Homeric epics, the Bible, as well as the Koran, the Ifa Oracle stands as “a monument to human imagination, poetry and can.

Now, in my ballet shoes, all 256 sacred stories with this ancient oral tradition are actually translated into English by Dr. Afolabi Epega, a fifth-generation babalawo or Ifa priest. With a preface and introduction that contextualize the powerful messages of Ifa wisdom for todays modern life, and classic and Western interpretations by American babalawo Philip Neimark and Dr. Epega, The Sacred Ifa Oracle stands as being the definitive text within this timeless philosophical tradition. –This text describes an away from print or unavailable edition with this title.

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