Temptation’s Price (Legacy of Love)

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06Temptation’s Price is an old historical novel by Dallas Schulze. The writing we have found descriptive yet I was not quite in love with the story probably since there was a large amount of miscommunication and assumptions the heroine plus the hero put to work.

The first thing novel is actually an adventure by far by far the most enjoyable component of this book. Matt Prescott is often a trail scout that has a wagon train crossing outside Prairie heading toward California. He is really a loner, informed about the west simply doing this job because his friend asked him to add for him on the last minute. Heroine Liberty Ballard is surely an eighteen years old who recently lost her parents. At the request of her aunt and uncle, jane is traveling west to call home with them. She is on Matt’s wagon train being employed as a Nanny. An Indian attack occurs and she or he and Matt include the only survivors however they are inside wilderness quite not even close to a fort. Together they should brave the sun and rain and their own desires.

Liberty is very young within this novel and it also really shows. She believes that her desires for Matt derive from love understanding that his need to be too. She does many this self speak with justify her actions. Matt is honorable yet resentful, they are honest to some fault and diplomacy isn’t his great skill. He is forced in to a shot gun wedding and Liberty is much to naïve to know why he could be rushing her into marriage, she guesses at his feelings and she or he attributes strategy to much to his actions.

Liberty is vengeful and I mean her words cut as being a knife. She utters awful threats to Matt in the event it appears he does not mirror her emotions. I think this is due to her age but nonetheless her words ring more as being a modern day woman as opposed to a 19th century heroine.

These two have a very rocky road in every single way, Matt is stubborn and for that reason is Liberty, often they were strategy to much alike to use a happy relationship. I so enjoyed the 1st half of this novel, when those two are battling the sun and rain and Matt’s kinder side was evident, the past half just didn’t have the same romantic tension as the very first.

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