Night Moves

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08NIGHT MOVES was one among Nora Roberts’ earlier attempts at mystery along with a good attempt that it was! This story had me captivated through the first page and continued prior to the last. In fact, I was a tad depressed when I see the last page because I wanted the tale to continue. Too bad it’s not a recent novel with 300+ pages!

Famous songwriter, Maggie Fitzgerald, buys a vacant house in a tiny town in Maryland, as far in the public eye as it can be. Maggie’s husband were dead under mysterious circumstances before she purchased the property and Maggie was fed up with always being in people eye. She was sick and tired of people curious about her husband’s death. She was sick and tired of always being watched. She only agreed to be tired.

The house she bought have been vacant for quite some time and restoring it to its original state was taking more hours and energy than Maggie had anticipated. She hired a neighborhood landscaping company and meets the property owner, Cliff Delaney, who may have more secrets than your house itself. And then the mystery begins. While landscaping, a physique is unburied – not just a transient’s corpse though the body with the previous owner who everyone had thought only missing, not murdered.

As a stand-alone mystery this book would don’t succeed as the storyplot is somewhat predictable, and avid mystery readers will find out the villain most way throughout the book. But when you add the intrigue and romance, it rounds out to your very pleasurable book. If you’re looking for an action packed mystery with plenty of guessing for the murderer, this is simply not the book available for you. If you’re looking for a novel with a little little everything plus a pleasant approach to a few hours, you need this one!

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