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01K.u.K. can be a tale of suspense and romance occur Vienna in 1906: suspense for the reason that hero, army captain Ernst von Falkenburg, just one week where you can clear himself of false charges of treason; romance, due to relationship he develops during that week having a beautiful woman, Princess Helena, “the perfect partner and companion, you are able to almost the perfect co-conspiritor inside a conspiracy with respect to right and justice.” Helena not simply provides von Falkenburg with invaluable assistance, but shows him the first time that he is able to love. The action moves through the whole panorama of turn-of-the-century Vienna, from an army barracks towards the city’s most elegant restaurants as well as finest brothel; on the backstage of vaudeville theater towards the crypt the location where the Emperors of Austria-Hungary are buried; on the duelling ground with an epilogue emerge the Emperor’s study as well as the Central Cemetary. All the while contributions is ticking to your forced suicide that awaits von Falkenburg if he does not prove his innocence, and the enemies decide the obvious way to stop him is usually to strike at Helena.

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