Healthy Breakfast Recipes

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11I hate this book, inside a good way.

Because I was given an appraisal copy in this book, as well as the delicious recipes inside, I’m going to need to purchase another waffle iron. The Banana Nut Waffles look absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to utilise them out. Some of the recipes, much like the “Green Smoothie”, are simply not to my taste. I cannot imagine drinking avocados. It may be good, but I can not do that.

However, many of the recipes appear like something I’d like to test.

Because I have gluten free relatives, an additional benefit for me is, utilizing NOT a gluten-free cookbook, the majority of the recipes can be gluten free or appear like they can be easily adapted for being gluten free a result of the low flour content. The Banana Nut Waffles are gluten free, out of the box the Pear and Hazelnut Chocolate Tart. The Pumpkin Pie Cups may also be gluten free and may likely make a physique on my table next Thanksgiving.

If you are looking for new healthy breakfast ideas in the evening boring bran muffin, you may certainly do worse than considering this cookbook.

A slight “warning” for US buyers: this can be written in UK English. So you will find things like aubergines as opposed to eggplant, rashers of bacon (I’ll have to lookup how much that may be) and tins rather than cans. Otherwise, the measurements are Imperial, with Metric equivalents for cups.

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