Surface Modeling for Cad/Cam (Advances in Industrial Engineering)

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12Curved object manufacturing has grown to be an important subject in modern industry as increasing numbers of varieties of industrial items are being made with sculptured surfaces. Known as CAMM (computer-aided modeling & machining), this issue is rapidly becoming essentially the most critical issues in CAD/CAM. Up till now, we have seen a gap relating to the theory in CAGD (computer-aided geometric design) plus the practices in CAMM. The aim of this volume should be to fill the gap by presenting an all-inclusive coverage of practical solutions for engineers, while at the same time providing difficulties for researchers. The main focus in the work is for the approach to and strategy for solving engineering problems. A sound understanding from the structure or domain from the problem and also available techniques or tools is provided in each case, while using main emphasis standing on descriptive shape models. The broad mathematical principles of CAGD are covered, together with some information on practical implementation. The book is self-contained in this an undergraduate a higher level algebraic calculus is sufficient follow the discussions.

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