Star Wars Vol. 2: Showdown on the Smuggler’s Moon (Star Wars (Marvel)

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08After a fun re-introduction right into a galaxy, far, a long way away, Jason Aaron’s STAR WARS is off and away to a good start. Taking place between your films Episode IV and V. Plenty of action, proper characters, and skill to supply all of it. Maybe it’s own default will be it played things slightly safe with all the numerous nostalgia for fans from the films. With the second volume though, Aaron does continue the higher quality aspects while injecting his very own pathos.

Collecting issues #7-12, Luke Skywalker is trouble finding guidance inside ways on the Jedi. By reading the journal of Obi-Wan Kenobi (in issues #7) and provides the idea as a way to know more regarding the Jedi history, it’d best be to venture to Nar Shada, the appropriately nicknamed Smuggler’s Moon, a planet where some from the most dangerous people inhabit. Things don’t go when they planned for Luke who runs in a whole heap of problems because Jedi Temple doesn’t exist anymore and requirements to find out about them through scrupulous means. And Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Solo’s “wife” Sana pertains to a head as Sana wants her husband back, nonetheless they to have problems of their own because Empire is on his or her tails.

Volume 2 covers the same tone from volume having a lot of characterization, nostalgia, and action with laser fighters, Tie-fighters, our main cast using light sabers! (hold back until you see that). Balancing the fighting and laser shooting, there exists still the sporadic light banter, specifically Liea and Solo over Sana and marriage since they run away in the Imperial Empire plus the chaos that follows. But the type(s) that steals the show inside end are two beings which might be surprisingly funny and interesting together that I wish to see more of inside the future.

The most fascinating thing Jason Aaron does i believe is attempt to play down for the nostalgia factor and seek to introduce new aspects in the ever-growing Star Wars universe. The planet Nar Shada and characters like Grakkus the hutt, Game Master, Bounty Hunter Dengar and Han Solo’s “wife”, Sana. We all know these characters will not have a lasting impact within the feature films, but Aaron is beginning to show they are able to possibly fill out some blanks that will explain things from Episode IV to V.

Whereas John Cassaday did volume 1, Stuart Immonen does majority with the art here from issues #8-12 and I think his art suits this comic better. Immonen’s art is cartoonish, but it’s vibrant, highly expressive, and give the action an enormous sense of kinetic energy to Aaron’s scripts. I’m a large fan of Cassaday and Immonen’s fine art, but I hope Immonen usually stays on to get more issues.

One very I have to talk about is issues #7, a total issue committed to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s memoirs from his in time exile on Tatooine. Obi-Wan is definitely the Star Wars character, so I admit I have a dose of bias toward him, yet I really enjoyed Aaron’s exploration from the character. We get to find out the immense difficulties for him to only stop as a Jedi over a planet packed with villainous beings and appearance after Luke without interference of education him for Uncle Owen. It’s an excellent issue where I would love to discover Aaron do even more of between story arcs on Obi-Wan’s journal entries from the future. Simone Bianchi who too constitutes a gorgeous issue that, again, I hope he carries on draw a greater portion of if possible.

My only flaws in my opinion here is the main overarching story doesn’t get pushed forward. Luke gets stuck on Nar Shada along with the Han/Leia/Sana angle quite a bit of bickering. Pieces are slowly established here, but I think it will be slow for Aaron wanting to do the VADER DOWN crossover. The other thing is Han/Leia/Sana bickering threesome over Han, as fun as well as in character which is, I felt it had been a little too nasty as Han does nothing for merely three issues asking to merely talk in regards to the situation and the man gets take off every turn. He pretty much says exactly the same lines anytime before Sana or Leia shutting him up. I thought Han needs to have put his foot down and clear up about the subject, that they does, but I felt it took more time than it might have been.

Even that has a slower main story pacing and love triangle to be a tad long for my taste, STAR WARS VOLUME 2: SHOWDOWN ON THE SMUGGLER’S MOON remains to be an enjoyable read beneath the pen of Jason Aaron. Plenty of action, proper characterization, stellar art, and an excellent Obi-Wan story keeps things on good terms. Though I feel Kieron Gillen’s DARTH VADER is the better from the two series, both of them are strong books that standalone and together well. Which means both of them will converge for the following story arc, VADER DOWN, where we will see Vader take about the Rebel Alliance via himself. May be the force be with you, readers.

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